September 24-25, 2012 Canada in the Pacific Century

Canada in the Pacific Century

On September 24-25, 2012 the Candian Council of Chief Executives organized a conference on "“Canada in the Pacific Century” in Ottawa.  Professor Acharya was a panelist, on "Between the Superpowers: Canda's Palce in a Bipolar Wolrd."  The panel was moderated by Brue Wallance the incomig editor of "Policy Option" and other panelist included; Janice Stien, Director of the Monk School of Global Affairs; Joseph P Caron, former Ambassador to China, Japan, and High Commissioner to Inida.  

The panelists adressed the context of:

  • "while Canada seeks a closer economic partnership with Asia's emgergin market, there is talk in some circles about 'Containing China.'"
  • "A new world order is emerging, setting a stage for possible geopolitical ravalry between Washington and Beijing."  

From this the question in this panel were:

  • "What chanellenges does this pose to Canadian foreign policy?"
  • "How does Canada balance its security and economic interests?"

A draft agenda of the even can be seen here.