Events & Activities


  • TRANSCEND:The management of the overall network itself.
  • TRANSFORM:Transnational Forum. Global and regional conferences on the networks’ themes. TRANSCEND will also support periodic regional forums to study how regions are affected by and respond to transnational challenges.
  • TRANSACT:Transnational Action. Development of policy studies and practical solutions to transnational problems.

The activities and projects undertaken by TRANSCEND will be disseminated in a variety of forms, including: (1) a website, (2) a virtual organizational structure based on the model of a “policy collaborator,” called TRANSCEND Collaboratory, which will link all the network members for the sharing of ideas, electronic and video conferences and seminars, (3) publication of policy papers and briefings for policy-makers, and (4) research reports, books and journal articles. We hope to have a book and journal articles.