March 7, 2012: Climate Change and Gender Vulnerability

Climate Change and Gender Vulnerability

March 7, 2012

The lecture is part of the joint project: “Climate Change & Non-traditional Security Threats” that BIPSS is currently undertaking with Konrad Adaneuer Stiftung, Germany


The lecture featured two key speakers;

Mrs. Hasna J Moudud

Topic: Climate Change & Gender Vulnerability


Mrs. Hasna J. Moudud, former member of the Bangladesh Parliament, created a committee of non-partisan parliamentarians representing coastal constituencies working to highlight the tough problems of coastal ecosystems in Bangladesh. She has been campaigning for the regional acceptance and implementation of environmental standards modeled on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. She is currently a Senior Fellow at Harvard University Asia Center.

 Prof Ferdousi Begum

Topic: Gender aspects and inclusion of Gender in Climate change negotiations

Prof Ferdousi Begum, founder-Executive Director of FERDOUSI-Development of Biotechnology & Environmental Conservation Centre from 1998 till to date. Her contribution in the 2009 UNFCC Climate Change meeting was on Gender issue, disability, REDD & Agriculture which was internationally appreciated. She raised the disability issue for the first time in the UNFCCC, Bonn meeting in June 2009 which is included in final version of Cancun text.